“Follow the Elements”

Graduate Opportunities in Astrobiology


Ph.D. programs in Geological Sciences, Astrophysics, Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Life Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Graduate Opportunities

The ASU Astrobiology Team invites exceptional students to join us in the search for habitable environments and life beyond Earth. Our research program, centered on the theme “Follow the Elements”, aims to develop strategies that will be used in future exploration of our Solar System and of planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy. This program integrates multiple disciplines, degree programs and academic units at ASU and offers opportunities for direct student involvement with NASA missions.

Our program requires graduate students interested in pursuing intensive research in one or more of the following: microbiology, biogeochemistry, astrophysics, cosmochemistry, genomics, geology, planetary science, geophysics, chemistry and biochemistry as well as geoscience education. We are also interested in translating knowledge from this research to technologies that would be used in future exploration. We therefore encourage applications from students with B.S. or M.S. degrees in geology, biology, physics, chemistry, engineering fields and related areas.

Interested students should contact any of the co-investigators and apply to the Ph.D. program(s) most suitable for them in the School of Earth & Space Exploration, the School of Life Sciences or the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Extending Boundaries
Students near Gila Bend, AZ
Credit: A. Anbar